A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An 8-bit game where you play the evil overlord trying to stop the heroes from advancing to your lair.

This game is a submission for the Week 30 of Weekly Game Jam with the theme: Not The Hero.


HailBurns - Programming

bandofmemesstudio - 8-bit Art

Elliot - Music

Laud - SFX

Please send Us a screenshot of your high score and some feed back more coming soon!

Install instructions

The game should run in the browser, if you face any difficulties such as application hang, feel free to download either the Windows or Mac version.


NotTheHero.zip Windows 16 MB
NotTheHero.app.zip Mac 18 MB


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If I can think of any thing to add to the game i would say new worlds time change and new characters and mabey season changing if you can and finally an easy normal and hard selector with a option for an endless or story mode but anyways the game is great good job guys