An entry for Ludum Dare 41. Category Compo.

All gameplay & artwork was done in 48 hours.

A game that mixes real time strategy / with platformer.

Gather resources and amass an army to siege the Cloud Empire. Every successful siege will unlock new troops.

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RTS Mode:

  • Scroll in / out for zoom (change the sensitivity inside the pause menu)
  • Right Mouse drag to pan
  • Right Mouse drag + Left Shift to rotate

Platformer Mode

  • WSAD / Arrow Keys to navigate

Each level the hero goes up will spawn new enemies. Your units will auto attack enemies

My first compo LD. Please be gentle. I didnt have the time to finish the audio and sounds.


Download 45 MB
Version 6 Apr 26, 2018
Download 27 MB
Version 7 Apr 26, 2018
Download 24 MB
Version 6 Apr 26, 2018
Download 59 MB

Development log


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How do I attack? Is that just not a thing?

The hero can't attack, for now at least. He leads the army up to the cloud empire and collects powerups for the troops along the way.


Alright, although I don't like having something (the sword) that is entirely useless. Also, can you make it so that we can buy expansion to our area? Because I already maxed out the space, and I can't do anything else.

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Love that you're playing the game to that level. Yeah, I'll definitely expand the game =). I'll let you in a little secret (it's really a bug), you can build more hovels in between the trees behind the town hall and across the street. :).


Awesome! I'll check it out!